Capital Campaign

Zion Baptist Church began its Capital Campaign in the year 2000. Campaign members were appointed by the Pastor and given the responsibility of generating capital for a much needed expansion to the church. 

The end result was the construction of a beautiful new sanctuary which was completed in March 2002. Following the completion of the sanctuary the focus of the church's annual campaign shifted to eliminating debt "Mortgage Burning" and increasing its' community outreach programs and ministries. A senior meals program was initiated and the church's community, educational, and youth programs were expanded.

Zion Baptist Church is continuing to grow and is now in need of additional expansion. The church's current parking facilities are inadequate to meet the needs of our growing congregation. Therefore, we recently acquired the old car wash for additional parking December 2010. Consequently, Zion Baptist Church's the primary focus of the Capital Campaign is to "Burn the Mortgage". While one of the primary goal of the campaign is to raise the necessary funds, the ultimate goal of this program is to encourage Christian fellowship, unity, and spiritual growth.

Your participation in the campaign will enable Zion Baptist Church to meet these new challenges and strengthen the church's ability to serve its members, friends, and the community for many years to come. Thanks your for your generosity. God Bless.