Minister Ruben Moore

Minister Ruben Moore

Minister Ruben Moore Jr. was born in May of 1965 to Deacon Ruben and Thelma Moore. Minister Moore received Christ at the age of 14.  Minister Moore was educated in the Detroit Public School System and Graduated in 1983. He focused on his career but never forgot from whom his continued Blessings were received.  

After an extreme amount of Prayer and many conversations with God, Minister Moore started Ministerial Training under the watchful eyes of Pastor Jim Holly and Rev. James Hilliard of The Historic Little Rock Baptist Church of Detroit Michigan.  Upon completion of this extensive training, Minister Moore graduated and received his Official Minister's License. Minister Moore started working in the New Member Ministry and continues to work there to this day.  Minister Moore loves to teach about Jesus Christ and all that he can and will do for his children.

Required to live in various states while following his career Minister Moore never missed an opportunity to Preach the good News of Jesus Christ where ever he lived.  In 2000 Minister Moore moved to Chambersburg, Pennsylvania  and soon after received full custody of son Ruben Moore III.  As a single father, Minister Moore used Christian values of his upbringing to successfully raise his Son and continuing to work 12 hours days.

In 2010 Minister Moore joined the Zion Baptist Church under the Leadership of our Pastor Rickey A Smith Sr.  Throughout my Christian journey, I have never felt more appreciation to God for the opportunity to serve such a wonderful church like Zion.

Minister Moore's favorite passage in the Bible is Psalm 100.  Please read it.  May it bring you continued Joy and Peace.